Solidarity project IIla


Bio Mondo has supported the International Women’s Project of Paraguay,
promoted and developed by the Italian-Latin American Institute (IILA),

an inter-governmental organisation coordinating economic development activities
between Italy and the twenty republics of Latin America.

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The purpose of the IILA Project is to improve the living conditions and reduce the socio-economic vulnerability of small producers in Stevia living in
rural areas and communities. Mostly Women, traditionally excluded from economic activities.

This project has been developed thanks to funding from the Directorate General for Development Cooperation and is providing local communities and
producers in Latin America with technical and operational training to improve the production of Stevia.

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Thanks to the efforts of the Ministerio de la Mujer of Paraguay, local partner of the project, 3 rural communities have been identified where there are
women’s cooperatives that already cultivate and market Stevia. Two of these are located in Chino Que in the district of the upper Parana, while the third is
located in San Vicente in the district of San Pedro.

The products of Stevia’s line were presented at the event “Rome 2015 For an Expo of Women“.

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