Micronized Stevia leaves: what does it mean?

Our Stevia Green is pure stevia leaf, without the addition of chemicals. The micronized powder guarantees the highest quality and naturalness possible.

But what does micronized stevia leaf mean?

Micronizing means “micromacining”, i.e. reducing to a very small size, in the order of the micrometer.

This technique is applied to all pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, and not only.

The material is injected into a grinding chamber at high pressure using a gaseous fluid (nitrogen or compressed air). The particles are dragged by the fluid and, undergoing variations in direction and speed, impact each other and are reduced.

It is a PHARMACEUTICAL TECHNIQUE and therefore does not affect the naturalness and the active ingredients of the product; on the contrary, micronization serves precisely to meet the particle size requirements of the active ingredients and excipients of the final product.

In the case of Stevia, the loss of active ingredients occurs only if it undergoes heat treatments above 42 ° and the leaf is micronized in cryogenic mills to keep the temperature low.

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